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History of Malaya

Author : Jessy Joginder Singh

This book owes its existence in the first place to the inspiration I received during a conference of senior History teachers of Malaya and Singapore which was held at the University of Malaya in 1958. During the many discussions of the conference, delegate after delegate expressed grave concern over the absence. of suitable text books to meet the requirements of the new School Certificate syllabus on Malayan History.

Accession No       : 14487

Language              : English

Number of pages :  412

Publishing year     :  1965

Publisher                : Penang: United Publishers

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The new emphasis on Malayan History is part of a general change which has taken place in the curriculum since Malaya became an independent nation in 1957. Malaya’s historical past, which received so little attention in the days before independence, has now assumed great importance and the stress in future will be laid on the story of Malaya in relation to the world around it. Students in the Sixth Form have also felt the need for a brief outline of modern Malayan History, and for their benefit the period from 1786 to 1939 has been dealt with in rather greater detail. Five and a half centuries of Malayan History is a rather lengthy period to include in a book of this size, and views are bound to differ as to what should have been included, what left out and the manner in which topics should have been dealt with. This I think is unavoidable in any published work. I have tried my best to present the facts that I consider important from a Malayan’s point of view.




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