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History Of Madurai (1736-1801)

Author : Rajayyan. K

The present work approved by University of Madras for the award of Ph. D. Degree, represents the first attempt ever made to re- construct the history of Madurai of the period from 1736 to 1801. It fills in a gap between 1736 the year upto which Prof. R. Sathyanatha Aiyar carried its history in his “History of the Nayaks of Madurai” (1924) and 1801- the year from which a limited account is traceable in the works on the British administration of South India.

Accession No       : 54080

Language              : English

Number of pages :  483

Publisher                : Madurai: Madurai Palkalai Kalagam

Published Year      : 1974



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Complicated and often confused, as the political scene of the country of the period under review was, it was dominated by three groups of powers-the Carnatic Nawabs, the auxiliary powers and the European companies. Attention has been given to furnish a succinct account of the three groups of powers, but without diluting the main theme. which fundamentally centres on the Nawabs, the sovereigns of the country. The major topics discussed in this thesis are entirely original. Specifically, this attribute applies to the chapters on the Mughal-Maratha struggle for supremacy, the Wallajah endeavour to retain the control of Tiruchirapalli, the consolidation of Walla- jah power the suppression of the rebellions organised by Maphuz Khan and Khan Saheb,ex- tension of Nawab’s hegemony over the various palayams and the steady ascendancy of the English, leading to the establishment of their direct administration.



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