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Quantum Non-Locality

Author : Jamal Mohamed College

The role of physics is to explain observed phenomena. Explanation in physics began as a causal chain of local actions.The first nonlocal action was Newton’s law of gravity, but Newton himself considered the nonlocal action to be something completely absurd which could not be true and indeed, gravity today is explained through local action of the gravitational field.

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Year of Publishing  :   2020

Publisher                 :  Jamal Mohamed College

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It is the quantum theory which made physicists believe that there was nonlocality in Nature. It also led to the acceptance of randomness in Nature, the existence of which is considered as another weakness of science today. In fact, I hope that it is possible to remove randomness and nonlocality from our description of Nature. Accepting the existence of parallel worlds  eliminates randomness and avoids action at a distance, but it still does not remove nonlocality. This special issue of Entropy is an attempt to more deeply understand the nonlocality of the quantum theory. I am interested to explore the chances of removing nonlocality from the quantum theory, and such an attempt is the most desirable contribution to this special issue, however, other works presented here which characterize the quantum nonlocality and investigate the role of nonlocality as an explanation of observed phenomena also shed light on this question.


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