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March On Delhi

Author: Barker, A J

 should like to express my gratitude to the following Japanese 
officers for their kindness in providing unpublished information

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The personal stigma resultant on the failure of Operation ‘U’ 
has caused me an agonizing disquietude which has not 
lessened in the nineteen years since I relinquished command 
of the 15th Army in Burma. Through these years I have preferred 
not to comment on the campaign despite constant criticism of my 
actions. In Japan we have a saying, ‘The defeated general does not 
talk of war’. As it discourages querulous grumblings which are in- 
tolerable to those who have to listen to them it is a good maxim. 
And so, since 1944, 1 have preferred anonymity. Now, I welcome the 
opportunity to write this foreword to a book which pays tribute to 
the bravery and fighting ability of the troops under my command 
and which reveals some of the anomalies associated with the Imphal 
battles. In doing so, with all humility, I wish to pay homage to those 
who fell on the field of battle, and express my sorrow to the bereaved





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