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Innovotive Education Practice

Author                   : Avinasilingam . T. S

We are glad to publish this small brochure. The staff of the various institutions in the Vidyalaya meet from time to time to discuss actual problems arising out of the running of the institutions. After the plenary session, the staff divide themselves into committees and discuss the problems in detail. The discussions are free, frank and uninhibited in any manner. The result has been that the reports give the collective view of these institutions.

Accession No       : 32905

Language              : English

Number of pages :  94

Publishing year     : 1964

Publisher                : Sri Ramakrishna

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These chapters though they are given under one name, are the result of the collective thinking of the various institutions, collated and edited by the person whose name is found against them.As a result of the discussions the need for construction of proper tools for scientific measurement of psychological traits was found to be necessary. These were also evolved. Five such tools namely, Anecdotal Record Forms (with a sample-Tool),  Teacher’s Checklist of Students’ Behaviour (Tool),  Reporting Pupils’ Development to Parents, Personality Rating Scale (Tool), Physical Ability Test for the Students (Guide lines to assess) and  Students’ Aspiration cum  Interest Inventory (Tool and Key are also given in the Appendices .We hope these will be useful not only for teachers in our institutions, but also others working in various other schools and colleges and hence this report .Our thanks are due to all the friends who have edited the proceedings under each of the chapters.




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