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the first nizam

Author                   : Husain \ Yusuf

NIZAMU’L-MULK was the most remarkable personage in the history of the later Mughals.
He had been brought up in the traditions of Aurangzib, and had been one of the chief
favourites of the Emperor in the latter’s declining years. He was a clever strategist and a far-sighted statesman who clearly envisaged, and truly estimated, the magnitude and extent of the difficulties which arose for the Mughal Government during the inefficient reigns of Aurangzib’s successors, lacking both in military genius and administrative capacity.

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Language              : English

Number of pages :  286

Publishing year     :  1963

Publisher                : Asia Publishing House,New Delhi

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He saw the danger to which the Mughal Empire was exposed, and realized the evils which had over- taken it .With rare tact and courage he undertook the stupendous task of restoring the Mughal conquests and restablishing the Imperial authority in the Deccan, where, ultimately, he was destined to found a dynasty. His beneficent administration in that part of the country succeeded in putting down local tyrannies and anarchy and establishing a regular system of law and order.It is a pity that historians of Mughal India have paid scant attention to this great mun. So far as I know, no one has attempted to present events as viewed in relation to the dynamic and outstanding personality of Nizamu’l-Mulk, although his influence has proved deep and lasting on the course of Indian history. It was in the midst of strife, resulting from the action of disintegrating forces in the Mughal Empire, that Nizamu’l-Mulk succeeded in effectively restoring the Imperial authority in the Deccan. A critical study of Nizamu’l- Mulk, based on contemporary historics and records, has long been overdue, valuable as it would obviously be in elucidating and supplementing our information concerning the later period of Mughal history.





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