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Reporting India

I FIRST went to India in 1945. My husband was in the Indian Civil Service and was posted in Delhi as an Under (and later Deputy) Secretary in the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Government of India. At that time I was not at journalist, I was only a Civil Service wife, but it was a very privileged position from which to learn about India. Indian society was divided into layers, but these layers were far from watertight.

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The British were only half the administration, for the process of Isation had begun a couple of generations ago, though in the Defence Services it had lagged behind. Indians in the Administration were mostly Hindus or Muslims, and through them it was quite easy to find out what Congress and Muslim League politicians felt. Maurice and I, being passionately interested in politics and social change, were able to make many friends inside the Service as well as outside amongst politicians. Indian society was indeed one. Administrators were often related to politicians, like Biju Nehru, who is now the Indian Ambassador to Washington, or his cousin R. K. Nehru, now head of the Foreign Office in Delhi. Indian Administrators were also kept in close touch with their native villages by elderly or conservative relations who used to visit them from time to time and who still lived back in the ancestral village, looking after the family land.



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