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The American Approach To Foreign Policy

The foreign policy of the United States has almost always been considered from what may fairly be called the chronological point of view. It has rarely been treated topically and with reference to broad areas of thought. In these essays it is the latter approach which will be pursued. It seems wise, however, to begin by briefly outlining the course of American diplomacy and to indicate what have been the main themes of American action in the field of international affairs from the beginnings to the Second World War.

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The story may be conveniently divided into two major periods, the period before and that after 1898. In the first of these two periods, three broad lines of development may be traced: the evolution of the isolationist viewpoint as regards Europe, the rise and growth of the principle of the Monroe Doctrine as regards our relations with the New World, and the process of expansion from the original territorial limits of the United States to a truly continental domain. In the second period, the scope of American action widens. In the East, in Europe, and in the Americas there are great movements which may be considered in turn and which bring us to the portentous role exercised by the United States today. Of course the division between these two epochs is not as sharp as the selection of a given date like 1898 would make it appear. From time to time, in the recounting of the story, we may be compelled to go a little further forward or backward to understand fully the events with which we deal. But the division is in the main a sound one, based on that awakening to a sense of national power that undoubtedly followed upon the war with Spain. It has a significance that cannot be denied.


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