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World III A Handbook on Developing Countries

This handbook is designed to present the facts about the “Third World” the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. It deals with their present conditions, their needs, their trade and what is being done to help them. It is based on queries put to the ODI by writers, speakers, journalists, politicians, research-workers and teachers.

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Adrian Moyes,Teresa Hayter

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Ulakam III Ē KaiyēṭuAṉṟu Vaḷarum Nāṭukaḷ


The Macmillan company New York

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The facts in the handbook are meant to be used freely by such people. The facts are all usable. Non-comparable figures and facts that require many qualifications have not been included. Facts that require some qualification (because, for example, they are not very recent) have been put in italics and brackets; this means. there is a note about them and they should only be used with caution. (A caution on the use of all statistics is also included- see pp. xviii-xix.) The section on each subject is designed to be self-contained; cross-references are given to subjects explained or illustrated elsewhere. Certain common initials (e.g. UNESCO, DTC) are not spelt out in full each time they are mentioned, but only in their own section. A glossary of initials is given in Appendix IV.



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