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World Georgraphy of Petroleum

The American Geographical Society expresses its grateful apprecia- tion to the scientists who responded generously with their time and thought to the invitation to contribute to this volume. The Society also expresses appreciation to the many organizations that contributed information and authorized their personnel to devote time and care to its requests.

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Wallace E. Pratt

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Peṭrōliyattiṉ ulaka puviyiyal


The American Geographical Society By Princeton University Press

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GEOGRAPHY brings a new approach to the many faceted study of petroleum. Briefly, scientific geography examines the earth relations of petroleum-where it is formed in the depths, how it is found and brought to the surface, moved over the face of the earth, and used in the air, on the land, and the seas all this in the framework of spatial relations measured, qualified, and expressed in maps. In the present survey geography describes the world’s petroleum-producing regions on a comparative basis and, in a world wide view, synthesizes the broad problems of petroleum supply and utilization. Such a survey of the geography of petroleum opens out vital considerations of policy and power. The reader who will study the twenty-three chapters in this book, and with them the accompanying maps, diagrams, and tables, will have at his disposal much of the information- and fascinating some of it is that will enable him to form his own judgements.


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