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Who’s who of freedom fighters

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The Government of India and suggested to the State Government that a “WHO’S WHO” of Freedom Fighters should be prepared by the State Government. The Government of India had indicated that they were themselves preparing a regular “History of the Freedom Movement”. The “Who’s Who was to be a supplement to the History of the Freedom Movement.

Language                 : English

Number of pages    :  764

Published Year         : 1973

Publisher                   : The director of stationery

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The history of the freedom movement in Tamil Nadu, as indeed in the whole of India, provides us a most absorbing subject for study in contemporary Indian History. It was an irony of fate that the highly civilized and extremely well cultured Indian people should have had to suffer the indignity of enslavement and subjugation at the hands of a foreign power. However, soon after the initial shock was over, numerous attempts were made to regain what had been lost. The long drawn out struggle which the Indian people waged to shake off the shackles of bondage and win back their freedom culminated in 1947 with the emergence of India as a sovereign independent national State. It is of course self-evident that any struggle of such gigantic proportions can only be the sum total of the vigorous efforts and selfless sacrifices by thousands of persons.



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