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Western Civilization Islam And Muslims

Author                    :Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi

Western pattern of thought and life is only a matter of time. As far as I think, this is the biggest and most vital problem before the Islamic World at the present time. The problem is neither hypothetical nor imaginary but very real. The internal weaknesses of the Muslim countries coupled with the unrivalled ascendancy of the Western civilization and the irrefutable material and political superiority of the Western Powers have set it up like an enormous question mark before the entire World of Islam.

Accession No       : 91776

Language              : English

Number of pages : 220

Publishing year     : 1979

Publisher                : Academy of Islamic Research and Publications

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Almost all the Islamic countries, today, are in the grip of an acute intellectual crisis. Or, shall we say, an unrelenting battle of ideas and ideals is taking place throughout the Muslim World. It can aptly be described as a clash between the Islamic and the Western concepts of life, values and traditions. The past history of the Islamic countries, the indestructible attachment of Muslim masses everywhere to Islam, the lofty ideals which inspired them in their struggles for freedom and the spirit in which these struggles were fought and won and the sovereignty of their lands restored all these things demand that Islamic values and concepts alone should have a claim on their leadership and only the way of life that Islam preached should be followed in them. On the other hand, the intellectual make-up, education and upbringing and personal and political interests of the ruling classes in Muslim countries require that Western ideals and forms of life should be pushed forward and the Muslim masses made to walk in the foot-steps of the West, changing or brushing aside, as the need be, whatever religious considerations, social attributes and national customs and law and tradition came in the way or impeded their advance. In brief, the Islamic countries ought to be gradually, but surely and deliberately, cast into the would of modern Western civilization. Many of the Muslim countries have already convert a number of stages of their journey towards the West and have either attained their goal or come very close to it while some are still, so to speak, standing at the crossroads. But the writing on the wall is there for anyone to see their ultimate absorption



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