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The Way Of Islam[1007714]

Author                    :  Dr. A.M.S. Abdul Mughni

The main point to be noted here is the stress upon perfection of knowledge into belief in the revelation of everything from God, leading to the preoccupation of the knowledgeable people with the clear rather than the ambiguous verses. This is the scientific attitude extolled by the Quran at another place: And whoever is given wisdom is certainly granted a lot of good.

Accession No       : 1007714

Language              : English

Number of pages : 179

Publishing year     : 1992

Publisher                : Islamic Educational publishers

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Here rationalism has been identified with virtuousness. It amounts to an integration of wisdom and goodness. So, while pointing to a lot of mysteries in the universe, Islam wants humanity to be chiefly concerned about the tenor of life in this world. So that speculative confusion does not complicate the whole process of life and subvert or pervert its very progress. Hence the suggestion to make the ‘clear verses’ the main objective of scholarly pursuits. However, it does not preclude philosophical deliberations or scientific experiments. It only seeks to emphasis the significance of facts, as against hypotheses, for a decent living on earth, leading to a higher plane of existence in heavens.


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