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The Holy Prophet

Author : Sayed Ibrahim

The peninsula of Arabia is situated in the south west part of the continent of Asia. Before the discovery of America and Australia, this part of Asia was the centre of the world: Muhammad was born in this country.
Arabia is fifteen hundred miles long and thirteen hundred miles broad. Hijaz and Yemen are its two important parts.

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Language              : English

Number of pages :  54

Publishing year     :  1970

Publisher                : Valarmathi publication

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Makka , Madeena, Taayif, and Sana are important cities in the west of this Country. But, the interior is a vast and endless desert without any river. In the midst of this desert one can very rarely see a well or a spring. Houses are built around these fountains and such a place is called Naklistan or Oasis. Those who live in such places are called Baddus (desert Arabs.) They knew neither civilisation nor progress. Several tribes inhabit the different parts of Arabia From the beginning of history, the Arab tribes were never conquered by foreigners. Never did they ever become conquerors,The Great Empires of the Old World never influenced their lives. Egypt, Assyria, Rome. Greece, Persia and Constantinople became great around them but did not couquer them. Thus, the Arabs were always independent.





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