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The Hindu-Muslim Question

Through thousand years Hindus and Muslims have lived together in India. The first reaction of conquest for a while plunged the conquerors and the conquered in a ruffled sea of oppression and retalia- tion. Day by day, year by year, antagonism was receding, while desire to make India their common home was taking its place. Often, no doubt, they fought battles, but oftener still they joined hands in developing the arts of living together. And these arts grew apace.

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The common men of both communities felt the touch of neighbourly life. Hindu and Muslim culti- vators went together to the field with their plough and Hindu and Muslim artisans sat side by side with their tools in hand. Their weavers began weaving a common pattern of fabrics. And their musicians began evolving common techniques. Most of all their saints-bhagats and faquirs-blended their religious teachings and delivered the message of “both Allah and Rama”. The two communities participated in one another’s festivals, adopted something or other of one another’s religious observances, at times even put something of the two together to bring about a new common form of worship.


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