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The Bachelor Of Arts

CHANDRAN was just climbing the steps of the College Union vhen Natesan, the secretary, sprang on him and said, “You re just the person I was looking for. You remember your ld promise . “No,” said Chandran promptly, to be on the safe side. “You promised that I could count on you for a debate any time I was hard pressed for a speaker. You must help me now. I can’t get a Prime Mover for the debate to-morrow evening. The subject is that in the opinion of this house his- torians should be slaughtered first.

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You are the Prime Mover. At five to-morrow evening.” He tried to be off, but Chandran caught his hand and held him: “I am a history student. I can’t move the subject. What a subject! My professor will eat me up.”
“Don’t worry. I won’t invite your professor.”
“But why not some other subject?”
“We can’t change the Union Calendar now.”
Chandran pleaded, “Any other day, any other subject.” “Impossible,” said the secretary, and shook himself free. “At least make me the Prime Opposer,” pleaded Chan- dran.
“You are a brilliant Mover.




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