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Shindes Dictionary of Cine Art and Film Craft

Author    : Shinde, M K

Everybody is interested in films. Film songs fill the air, film gossip overflows in fan magazines, even political dailies and weeklies devote space to reviews and news of films. But unfortunately this wide and general popular interest in filmic affairs seldom goes beyond gossip and star-craze. There is a lamentable lack of knowledge of the art and technique of the cinema which alone can provide a basis for an intelligent and serious appreciation of films as an art form.

Accession No       : 33119

Language              : English

Number of pages :  208

Published Year      : 1984

Publisher                : Bombay Popular Prakashan

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Captain M. K. Shinde, therefore, deserves to be congratulated on his monumental Dictionary of Cine Art and Fill Craft’. It is obvious that much painstaking study and research has gone into the compiling and editing of this volume. There is hardly any aspect of the cinema (as an art, as a technique and as business) which Captain Shinde has not dealt with in his Dictionary. It is, indeed, a gold mine of very useful information, valuable for the general film fan who wants to know a little more about his favourite art form, and invaluable for the people who are already engaged in any branch of film production as writers, artistes or technicians. For those who wish to enter the cinema field in any capacity it can serve as a most useful text-book.



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