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Author      :        M.K.Gandhi

Gandhiji derived his doctrine of Satyagraha from many sources. It can be traced essentially to the Gita ideal of the Karmayogin, and also to Jesus ‘ Sermon on the Mount; and recently to the writings of Thoreau, Ruskin and more especially Tolstoy. But his practical application of it in the social and political spheres was entirely his own.

Accession No       : 7036

Language              : English

Number of pages  : 427

Publishing year     : 1951

Publisher                :  Navajivan Publishing House , Ahmedabad .

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Satyagraha means literally ‘Clinging to truth’ , and as Truth for Gandhiji was God, Satyagraha in the general sense of the word means the way of one who holds steadfastly to God and dedicates his life to him. The true Satyagrahi is, accordingly, a man of God. Such an individual in this world finds himself up against evil, which he cannot but resist. He comes across injustice, cruelty, exploitation and oppression. These he has to oppose with all the resources at his command. In his crusade his reliance is on Truth or God; and since the greatest truth is the unity of all the life, Truth can be attained only by loving service of all, i.e. by non-violence. The weapon of the Satyagrahi is the therefore non-violence. Satyagraha, in the narrower sense in which it is ordinarily understood, accordingly means resisting evil through soul-force or non-violence.



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