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Myth Or Legend

DANIEL, G.E., J.M. White, D.L. Page, E.R. Leach, R.F. Treharne, T.C. Lethbridge, Sir L. Woolley, S. Piggott, C.T. Seltman, J.S.P. Bradford, S.P. O Riordain, H.J. Rose

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Was there an actual Flood, as told in the Bible? Is there a lost continent that was once Atlantis? Where was the fabled city of Troy located? What is the Golden Bough? Was Stonehenge a Druid worshiping ground? Who were the real Tristan and Isolt? Did Tara, the Blessed Isles, and the lost Lyonesse really exist? Is the Holy Grail buried at Glastonbury? Was there a real Theseus who slew an actual Minotaur and a real St. George who slew an actual dragon?Are the famous stories that form part of our heritage myths or legends? Are they mere imagination, or are they, however distorted or enlarged, based on facts? In this fascinating book, twelve experts examine these stories and show why they have become both mysterious and basic to our culture.





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