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Mediaeval India Under Muslim Kings

Author : S.M.Jaffar

“Among the finest products of the literary activity of the Indian Muhammadans has been their historical literature” said the late Sir Thomas Arnold, and there is no doubt that history was a subject in which the Musalmans excelled and which they could legitimately claim as their own. The products of their pen are indeed marvels of mediaeval history.

Accession no           :  31432

Language                :  English

Number of pages   :   297

Publisher                 :  Idarah-I Adabiyat-I Delli

Year of Publishing  :  1972

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The book title is 10 chapter wise content The Early Ghaznawids, Sultan Mahmud the Great-I,
Sultan Mahmud the Great-II, Sultan Mahmud the Great-III, Sultan Mahmud the Great-IV, Sultan Mahmud the
Great-V, Sultan Mahmud the Great-VI, Sultan Mas’ud-I, Sultan Maudud & His Successors,
The Ghaznawid Government.




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