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Life Of Husain

Author : Alhaj Moulvi Mirza Ghulam Abbas Ali Sahib

There is no cultured being, I believe, in the world. who is not acquainted with the heart-rending events of the field of Karbala and the world renowned name of its hero.

Accession no           : 6729

Language                :  English

Number of pages   :  311

Publisher                  : Sardarjung’s Garden, Rayapattah, Madras.



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As for India, there is none, whether Hindu or Moslem, Christian or Jew, Jain or Budhist, man or woman, boy or adult, who has not witnessed the grand mourning celebra- tion of Muharram performed not in any hidden nook or corner but on public roads and streets, on hills and plains, in cities and hamlets, in palaces and cottages from the lofty Himalayas down to Cape Comorin.It is strange that English literature so rich with biographies, adventures, scientific, historic and romantic treasures of the past and present,is devoid of a separate volume allotted to the life of this emblem of self-abnegation whose brilliant character and matchless endurance have dazzled the eyes of all advocates of patience and resignation.


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