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Leap Through The Curtain

When I was approached and asked to write this book, my instinctive reaction was to decline with thanks. I am not keen on the “as told by” type of literature, nor did I feel that it was up to me to write anybody else’s autobiography. Yet, in this case, it was obvious that the choice was not whether this book should be written by a third person or by the main actors of the tale themselves, but whether it should be written by a third person or not at all. Having heard the story, I thought it was worth telling. I do not wish to give my detailed reasons for this belief because it would sound like sales talk or even a critical appreciation of my own work.

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Nora Kovachi

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Tiraiccīlai vaḻiyāka kutikkavum


Faweett Publications

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I spent a great deal of time with the Ra-bovskys in my home, in friends’ houses, in parks, country hotels and London cafés. They did the. talking and I took notes. They both talked well and comparatively few additional questions were needed. Pista (pronounce: Pishtah) is a quiet- spoken, very honest and straightforward man. I think it never occurred to him to be ashamed of certain facts or happenings in his life or to try to conceal certain details. He is nervous-at least he told me he could not eat-but I was unable to discover any outward sign of nervous- ness. He is invariably courteous, self-controlled, calm and quiet. His art is his whole life-and yet he seems to, care little for the decorative signs and medals of success. He expects great things of himself and the complete absence of false modesty give an impression of true hum- bleness.”Dancing is a great art,” he seems to proclaim-“and hard work, constant endeavor and good luck may enable me to become a good dancer. Time will tell. I’ll do my best.”



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