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I Saw Congo

AND A HALF FOUR-R-R… By the mark four-r-r… Quarter less four,” came ringing in through the porthole, at measured intervals, in a rich Scotch brogue. I thrust my head out and there on a little platform at- tached to the side of the ship, silhouetted against the sky in the dim light of the early morning, stood a tall, well-built figure heaving the lead.

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I Saw Congo

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Kāṅkōvaip pārttēṉ


The United Christian Missionary Society

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The ocean was calm. A lazy phosphorescent wave sheared off from the prow of the ship like liquid silver sprinkled with floating diamonds. It was evident that land was near, for the soundings gradually grew less. and the ship proceeded very slowly. My wife and I hurriedly dressed and went up on deck, thrilled with the prospect of our first glimpse of Africa.
Dawn in the tropics does not tarry long. When we reached the deck it was broad daylight. The smooth sea was now light green in color. Nearby the dorsal fin of a shark plowed through the surface of the water like the conning tower of a miniature submarine. A flying fish, inspired by fear to do the impossible, arose out of the water, sailed away some distance with apparently no idea of where it was going, and fell again into the sea.


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