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Author   :    Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum

Nawab Nazar Mohammed Khan was the youngest son of Nawab Wazir Mohammed Khan, who was great grandson of Sirdar Dost Mahom- med Khan, the founder of Bhopal. Both father and son were celebrated for their bravery and force of character and were noted Generals and Commanders ,Wazir Mohammed Khan.

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Number of pages :   181

Year of Publishing  :   1918

Publisher                :   Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Corporate Limited

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As far as can be ascertained the education of Qudsi Begum was mostly of a religious character. During her youth Bhopal was fighting single handed against Bhonsla. The Nagpur Raja and Gwalior, and she must have heard many accounts of the bravery in war of the last four rulers and have been anxious to follow. The example of Mamola Bi, alias Maji Saheba, mother of Nawab Faiz Mohammed Khan, who. for some years controlled the State and was de facto ruler. At the age of fifteen she was married to Nawab Nazirud-Daulah Nazar Mohammed Khan on Friday the 22nd of Rabi-ul-Ekhir, 1232 A.H. This marriage had been arranged by Nawab Wazir Mohammed Khan to weld the two branches of the family and to end the friction which had existed between them. He however died before the completion of the ceremonies.



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