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Handbook Of Progressive Gymnastics

In this text I have endeavored to fulfill these requests. The survey was instrumental in assisting in the preparation of the progressive system and only after many trial and error sessions was the final hand- book adopted. The book is divided into six classified levels of progres- sions, (Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Junior, Advanced and Senior) and, because of its nature, the application is most effective at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

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Senior High School and collegiate levels, were solicited to acquire a true cross section of the type of gymnastic system most needed by teachers. The majority agreed that such a system should include a series of continuous skills aimed at various grade levels and brief but accurate descriptions of these skills in simple nomenclature with ac- companying illustrations to allow for teacher-pupil interpretation. It should also recommend a safety procedure that would encompass correct spotting and assisting methods and provide safety hints for other vital aspects of the program. Finally, the system should include means of promoting gymnastic programs to school administrators and an accurate historical and bibliographical account for further reference.


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