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Glimpses Of Cooperative Farming In India

GLIMPSES OF COOPERATIVE, FARMING IN INDIA utilisation pattern of land, methods of management and maintenance of records, etc. was collected, from these farms. A. study of these societies was undertaken partly with the idea of bringing out some salient aspects of cooperative farming as it is currently in vogue, and partly with the idea of selecting at few cooperative farming societies for intensive investigations. These investigations aimed primarily at collecting all the relevant data of the organisation and managment of these farms bearing. upon the economics of farm business, and upon the rights and liabilities of the members, methods of distribution of work and profits, etc.

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To know whether and to what extent these objectives are realised in practice, it is necessary to make empirical studies of some cooperative farms which have been organised by pooling. of land and are being jointly cultivated and managed. An enquiry into the working of some selected cooperative farms in Western U. P. and Punjab was taken up with this end in view. The objects of this study were to take a close look at some of these farms, and to analyse such of the materials as could be obtained from these societies in the background of the general objectives and purposes of the cooperative farming movement.” The Enquiry was conducted in three stages, preliminary, intermediate, and intensive. In the preliminary stage, brief data for 140 cooperative farming societies, 124 in Punjab and 16 in U. P., was collected about the year of establishment, number of members, farm acreage and its physical layout, crops grown, availability of irrigation facilities, and the tenurial status of the members before joining the cooperative farming societies. These data provided the basis for selection of 25 societies for investigation at the intermediate stage.


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