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French Novelists Of Today

The legend that the novel flourished at the same time as the bourgeoisie and that both might decline today. Vitality of the novel, threatened by recurrent crises and incessantly under attack. Pedantry of much modern criticism of fiction. The approach favored in the present volume. Scope and purpose de fined. Attempt to embrace the years 1920-65. The legacy of the masters of the nineteenth century. The permanent character of the modern novel in France. The crisis in the novel around 1910. Disintegration of our idea of reality, of our notion of man, and of the novel as an art form. The favorite themes of the 1920’s. The Russian influence.

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Henri Peyre

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Iṉṟaiya pireñcu nāvalāciriyarkaḷ


Oxford University Press

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The personality and significance of Martin du Gard. His moderate realism, blended with sympathy and some pessimism, not unlike Tolstoi’s. The limitations of his long saga-novel. Jean Barois more original. The full impact of World War I inadequately rendered by French novelists. Duhamel’s career. The doctor as novelist. Salavin, his best creation. Romains, his unanimist vision and his theoretical views. His early stories the raciest and freshest. His intent in Les Hommes de bonne volonté. The measure of his success and his short- comings exemplified in Verdun. Mystery, emotion, man’s unpredictable élans inadequately rendered. Radiguet’s brief career. Le Diable au corps and its merits: psychological insight, cruelty, sentimentality, and delicacy, Biblio- graphical Notes. Proust reappraised forty-five years after his death. New light on him: Jean Santeuil. What has aged in Proust’s novel? Proust’s Bergsonism and Freudi anism both doubtful. Early critical stress on structure and involuntary mem- ory misplaced. Proust one of the great romantics, with a hold on the concrete. His gifts of character creation, of imaginative analysis, of poetry.


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