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Fifteen Years Of Democratic Planning

THE CLAIM that the Administration in India has been doing its best, particularly for Indian agriculture, is becoming louder, and the number of yes-men is increasing ominously. Agriculture in India has been comparatively neglected and mishandled, and some data are given in the following paragraphs with regard to what has been done and is being done in a few other countries. On several items, figures are not available in India. With regard to China and the U.S.S.R., very few figures are available in spite of the recent policy of relaxation of the ‘Iron Curtain’.

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In Britain, the area under crops and pasture has remained the same during the last 20 years for the obvious reason that there is no more land available for cultiva- tion. Experimentation and research have made possible diverse uses of land without robbing it; rather, the soil is continuously being built up, and the out-turn bas increased by 60 per cent during the period. In spite of a general freedom for the farmer to grow what he likes, there are restrictions with regard to potato cul- tivation. The area for this crop was fixed in 1959 at 670,000 acres, and a fine of $28 was levied on every acre sown with potatoes, in excess of the individual allot- ment. In the U.S.A., crop planning is active under the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and the present problem is to limit acreage under different crops with a view to minimise the surplus and storage difficulties. In spite of this, agricultural resources are receiving top attention.


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