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Explorers Of Arabia

Author :  Zahra Freeth , H.V.F.Winstone

A word of explanation is called for concerning the people chosen to represent the story of exploration and discovery in Arabia. We have selected travellers whose achievements seem to us praiseworthy or neglected, but in doing so we have inevitably made important omissions. A powerful case could be made for the inclusion of the Spaniard Ali Bey, the Swede George Wallin, the Strasburgian Charles Huber, and Germans Johann Wild, Baron Nolde and Ulrich Seetzen. All made notable journeys of discovery.

Accession No       : 50778

Language              : English

Number of pages :  330

Publishing year     :  1978

Publisher                : George Allen & Unwin Ltd

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In our own century there have been remarkable explorers and outstanding per sonalities whose inclusion would have added considerably to the picture of Arabia as it built up in the Western mind over the centuries, culminating in the mapping of the last unexplored deserts of central Arabia, particularly the Rub al Khali or Empty Quarter, between the two Great Wars. Few who went before them achieved. more by way of discovery, or contributed more to the sum of our knowledge of the lands and people of Arabia, than H. St John Philby and Captain W. H. 1. Shakespear; but recent works on both men are readily available, as are the findings of travellers like Thomas and Thesiger. We had to draw the line somewhere and so we started at the Renaissance and finished with the later Victorians, choosing selectively, and sometimes painfully, along the way.




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