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Death of Cenone, Akbars Dream, and other poems

Author:   Alfred Lord Tennyson

The great Mogul Emperor Aktar was born October 14.1542, and diel 1605. At 13 he succeeded his father Hamay at 18 he himself assumed the sole charge of government. He subdued and ruled over fifteen large peovinces his empire included all India north of the Vindhya Mountains-in the south of India he was not so successful. His tolerance of religions and his abhorrence of religious persecation put our Tadors to shame.

Accession  No       :  7373

Language              :   English

Number of pages :   123

Year of Publishing  :  1892

Publisher                :   Macmillan and corporate and New York


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He became the intimate friend and adviser of Akbar, and helped him in his tolerant system of government. Professor Blochmann writes Impressed with a favorable ides of the value of his Hinde subjects, he (Akbar) had resolved when pensively sitting in the evenings on the solitary stone at Futchpar-Sikri to rule with ns even hand all men in his dominions; but as the extreme views of the lesened and the lawyers continually urged him to perso enter instead of to heal, he instituted discussions, because, believing himself to be in error, he thought it his duty as ruler to inquire These discmsions took place every Thursday night in the Thadat-khana a building at Putchper- Sikri, erected for the purpose.



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