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Condensed Book

HE CAR, anonymous in the predawn darkness, its color dawn-gray like that of all the other cars, hit an oil slick as it came through the S-bends in the Le Mans racecourse. Its driver fought the skid as the car hurtled down toward Tertre-Rouge Corner, the car’s headlights slashing a berserk pattern across the track ahead of it. For one moment it seemed that the driver had won the battle; then the car slewed suddenly and hit the picket fence.

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Almost instantly, back at the pits, a yellow light began to flash a warning to the other cars coming up the straightaway at full speed. The race slowed, and the cars went cautiously through the S-bends and past the wrecked car. A minute later the wreck, a blue French Gordini, had been pushed from the track. In the stands a thin, elderly man turned as the girl beside him, wrapped in a rug, sat up and stretched. “Another one out. That’s seventeen gone now. Did you sleep?” The girl began to arrange her black hair. “I slept, I guess. But it was like being out there in the middle of the track.” Sophie Bartell smiled at her father. “I don’t know how you could sit there all night and not get a headache from the noise.”
Bartell tapped his pocket and smiled. “I turned off my hearing aid. Best comfort yet invented for watching auto races. Better even than a soft pillow for a bony tail-sorry, girl!” The long, thin face seemed to crumble with embarrassment. “That’s the way we talk around the plant. I keep forgetting I’m not there now.”


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