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Co-Operation in India

1. Introductory, Genesis of the Co-operative Movement, 2. Co-operative Principles : Analysis and Explanation, 3. Co-operation and other Forms of Enterprise, 4. Rural Credit and Co-operation, 5. History and Growth of Co-operative Movement in India, 6. Co-operation during the Planning Era, 7. Co-operative Banking Structure, 8. Reorganisation of Agricultural Credit Societies, 9. Central Co-operative Banks, 10. Apex Co-Operative Banks, 11. Non-Agricultural Credit Movement, 12 . Land Development Banks, 13. Co-operative Marketing, 14. Co-operative Processing, 15. Consumers’ Co-operation, 16. Co-operative Farming, 17. Housing Co-operatives, 18. Industrial Co-operatives, 19. Other Forms of Co-operation, 20. Co-operative Education and Trading, 21. Co-operative Audit and Supervision, 22. National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development, 23. The Reserve Bank of India and Co-operative Movement, 24. State Bank of India and Co-operative Movement, 25. State and Co-operation, 26. Co-operative Legislation, 27. Co-operative Retrospect and Prospects.

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Dr.B.S Mathur book is the base and need for those are handling Co-operation/Co-operative Management as main discipline….in this line re-printed the existing content of this book is welcoming one but the same time, According to India, Co-operative Movement is more than 100 year old…..hence some updates relate to Co-operative sector can be incorporated in the existing line…..



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