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Charms of Islam

Author : Working Muslim Mission

Islam needs no champion, its excellence is apparent to the world. Nevertheless, in these days, when Islam and its Sacred Book are often misrepresented, it is refreshing to turn to the writings of scholars and deep thinkers who have had the opportunity of studying Islam and of thoroughly understanding its doctrines before pronouncing their verdict.

Accession No       : 800618

Language              : Tamil

Number of pages :  139

Publisher                :Working Muslim Mission,Literary Trust

Published Year      : 1935


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The outpourings of ignorant persons, generally with interested motives, should count for little in the face of these invaluable articles on Islam ,the Holy Prophet and the Quran , coming, as they do, from the pens of distinguished new-comers to the fold of Islam as well as from unbiased Christian writers.
Some of these latter have even ventured to prophecy that the greater part of Europe will embrace Islam within a century, and this forecast is not, perhaps ,without foundation. It is the purpose of this book to show how spontaneously the learned and highly-cultured element in the West is paying its homage to Islam.It is, for the most part, a collection of writings of some of the eminent scholars, profound thinkers and noble men who have actually joined the standard of the Holy Prophet of Arabia . I am convinced that this book will enable an impartial reader to judge fairly the real merits of Islam. Unfortunately many condemn what they have never themselves examined, and are so biased that their sane and natural reason becomes warped into a bitter bat unfounded antagonism against Islam. Let such fully Investgate for themselves; let them read the Holy Quran; let them try to understand, and who knows they may find that Peace which all are seeking.




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