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Can Hindi Be The Lingua Franca Of India

Sri Maraimalai Adigal (Swami Vedachalam) is an embodiment of the ancient Tamil culture and civilisation. He was a strong defender of Tamil. He distributed a powerful pamphlet challenging Hindi in 1937 when it greatly gained the favour of the Madras State. The pamphlet then in Tamil, now in English puts forth strong arguments against forced Hindi in Non-Hindi regions. “Hindi off” is its refrain.

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Inti intiyāviṉ moḻiyāka irukka muṭiyumā?


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The pamphlet maintains the right of Tamil to become our Lingua Franca and insists upon the use of English as the link language until Tamil reaches its deserved height of being the national language. It is a bold challenge. to Hindi claims.
I go a step further and maintain with all the force of my linguistic knowledge that Tamil deserves to be the Lingua Universum. It is the most ancient living language still developing and expanding. It is an elastic language. capable of standing upon its own merit. It does not shine in borrowed feathers. It has the vitality to express all branches of modern Sciences clearly.



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