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Agricultural Planning for Madras

Author    :   C.W.B. Zacharis

This book is a companion volume to my work on Madras Agriculture published by the University in 1950. There a study of agriculture as it was carried out in the State then was made, and in this book an attempt is made to depict in broad outline the directions in which development should take place.

Accession No       : 8002813

Language              : English

Number of pages : 208

Publisher                : University of Madras

Published Year      : 1953

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Emphasis is placed on the principles to be observed and the methods to be adopted in planning and executing a programme of expansion .The end of all economic planning is the increase of wealth production with a minimum expenditure of resources and the relating of the quantum of wealth produced in each line to social need .This objective has been kept steadily in view, and the programme of expansion chalked out has, in addition ,been based on the resource pattern in existence. The development which can take place in the short period is severely limited by available resources, but they have to be stretched as much as possible to make good the deficiencies keenly felt today and engineer an increase in agricultural production.





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