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A Short History Of The English People

No groster monal change ever passed over a nation than passed The over England during the years which parted the middle of the reign Bible Elizabeth from the meeting of the Long Parliament. England became the people of a book, and that book was the Bible. It was as yet the one English book which was familiar to every English- man; it was read at churches and read at home, and everywhere ita words, as they fell on cars which custom had nos doadened to their force and beauty, kindled a startling enthusiasm. Whon Bishop Bonner set up the firet six Bibles in St. Paul’s” many well-disposed people used much to resort to the hearing thereof, especially whos they could get any that had an audible voice to read to them.

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One John Porter used sometimes to be occupied in that goodly exercise, to the edifying of himself as well as others. This Porter was a fresh young man and of a big stature; and great multitudes would resort thither to boar him, because he could read well and had an audible voice.” The popularity of the Bible was owing to other causes besides that of religion. The whole proso literature of England, save the forgotten tracts of Wyelif, has grown up since the translation of the Scriptures by Tyndall and Coverdale. No history, no romance, no poetry, save the little-known verso of Chaucer, existed for any practical purpose in the English tongue when the Bible was ordered to be set up in churches. Sunday altes Sunday, day after day, the crowds that gathered round Bonner’s Bibles in the nave of St. Paul’s, or the family group that hung on the words of the Geneva Bible in the devotional exercises at home, were leavened with a new literature. Legends and annals, war son and psalm, State-rolls and biographies, the mighty voice of prophets, the parables of Evangolists, stories of mission journeys of perils by the sea and among the heathen, philosophio arguments apocalyptio visions, all wore flung broadcast over minds 432 for the most part by any rival learning The disclosure of the stores of Greek literature had wrought the revolution of the Renascence.


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