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A Short History of Islam

Author:    Sayyid Fayyaz Mahmud

The book contents is Arabia and the prophet of islam 570-632, The first four caliphs 632-661
and the tragedy of kardala, The omayyads 661-750, The Muslims in spain and North Africa etc.

Accession No       :    97902

Language              :    English

Number of pages :    746

Year of Publishing  :  1960

Publisher                :   Oxford University Press

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In spite, however, of the devastation that these barbarians wrought, the culture of Islam was scattered rather than dissipated. What Central Asia or Persia and Iraq lost was gained by Asia Minor, India, and Egypt. The Islamic ideals of monotheistic unity, of political and religious tolerance, of social equality and of the brotherhood of man continued to flourish in as vast an area as before. Arab power declined, but that of the Fatimids, the Ottomans, the Persians and the Moghuls spread. In the balance Islam did not lose, and unity of ideas remained as a subtle bond between the Muslims of the East and of the West. It is not correct therefore, to treat of the Muslims separately, since it gives a wrong perspective of the beginning and growth of Muslim power and of the Islamic Way of Life, which has to be treated as an idea, rather than as an irregular series of events.



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